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Grande Italian Basket


Welcome to the Grande Italian Basket, our premium selection for those who cherish the rich and diverse flavors of Italy. Priced at $64.99, this basket is a comprehensive collection of Italian culinary delights, perfect for creating an array of traditional Italian dishes and indulging in the true essence of Italian cuisine.

  • Packaging: Please note that the basket shown ships in a box, not in a traditional basket, ensuring safe and secure delivery of these delicate items. We’ll provide the goodness, you provide the creativity!

Items may vary based on availability, ensuring the freshest and most authentic selections for your enjoyment.

The Grande Italian Basket is your all-in-one solution for exploring the luxurious and varied tastes of Italy. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a culinary explorer, this basket provides all you need to create authentic, delicious Italian meals in the comfort of your home. Add this exquisite collection to your cart today and embark on a grand Italian culinary journey!

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